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Why don't Russians sympathize with American Negroes.

Two things that made the Russians furious: Greta Thunberg and American Blacks

There is something surprising that I have been observing in my country, and to understand how unexpected it was, I need to provide some preliminary explanations.

Russia is tough. It’s a thing in itself, just like the USA. But while America has just racial and educational segregation, Russia has much more than that. There are orthodox monarchists and democrats, communist and capitalist sympathizers, “westerners” who values western values and their antipodes who can’t stand anything associated with the West, be it Europe or the USA. Patriots, naturally, hate not only Americans but also Russians who love America, such as myself. Here, in Russia, they call us “liberasts,” forming this term from “liberal” and “pederasts”. The latter ones are considered pariahs in mostly uneducated parts Russia, and this negative attitude is actively supported by state authorities. Why does this happen is a subject of a separate conversation, and I will speak about it in due time.

The intolerance level between various political views in Russia is very high. If you surf the Russian-speaking Net, you may sense a coming civil war – not racial, but political. However, two extraordinary events that took place within a one-year period in America brought all political streams in Russia together. It was thrilling! All yesterday’s enemies joined forces.

It’s truly amazing that people with different religious views and educational backgrounds, people who are ready to kill their opponents for “wrong” words are now together. (Unfortunately, our society is so wild that even high-level officials speak in these terms. For example, the senior official Myasnikov, in one of the recent interviews, claimed his readiness to kill for words that he doesn’t like, as if he was a radical Islamist). So, isn’t it strange that such antagonists had the same reaction in both cases?

So, what are we talking about?

The first case is about the Swedish girl Greta Thunberg in the UN, and we will talk about her later. The second case is about the American riots after a white policeman killed a black career criminal George Floyd. Admittedly, there was unjustified police violence that led to the death of a human…

The Russian society was outraged by that murder shown on TV, just as were American people. “Ok, he is a criminal and a junkie, but why such atrocity, to choke him with the knee,” was the common opinion. However, when people in Russia saw the rioting, robberies, and looting across America and noticed that the rioters and robbers were mostly black, Russian social networks got filled with comments of a different kind.

“I have never been a racist before, but having watched this, I became a racist.”

“Peaceful protests, as I can see, take place only in towns where whites have weapons – there are no victims there......"
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